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When to Rent Mobility Medical Equipment.

So you are in need of mobility equipment. Where do you start? Well the type of equipment needed depends on the user and the need. Lets start with the equipment that will help you on your recovery journey.


Walkers are quite a common need after many procedures. Most procedures on the abdominal area or hips will require a walking aid for support, safety, and comfort getting around. The four point walker is best used for rehabilitation and strength building. Moving the walker first, then walking and using the frame as support. A front wheel walker is more for stability and safety while walking. Pushing as you walk to help keep balance and avoid falling. A rollator, or walker with a seat, is best for when endurance is an issue and the user needs to stop for rest. The seat is available anywhere they go. If there is a long term need, purchasing might be the best way to go as these items are not on the expensive side.

Knee Scooters

Knee scooters are the best option after a foot or ankle injury or procedure. Knee scooters make getting around fast and easy, avoiding painful crutches. They come with a basket, brakes, and knee pad standard. The pad and handles are adjustable for many user heights along with right leg or left leg needing support.


If walking is not an option for a short time, wheelchairs are your best choice. A standard wheelchair will allow the user to push themselves with the large rear tires. Wheelchairs will have a seat size of 16", 18"(most common), and 20". Heavier users will need a 22" or 24" seat. Other options are standard foot rests or elevating leg rests, both available for wheelchairs. A transport chair is another commonly used wheelchair. It is for users unable to push themselves and someone will push them. Without the larger rear wheels, it is about half the weight and a lot easier to put into a car.

Pomona Medical carries all these options and more. Give us a call for more information or to set up delivery today. 909-623-4378

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