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Wheelchair Sale!

All models of wheelchairs on sale thru the end of May. We carry lightweight wheelchairs with detachable arms and elevating legs in 18" widths as well as narrow and x-wide widths. We also carry transport wheelchairs which are very light (only 18lbs), and are ideal for using to go to the doctor, store, or short trips.

In addition we carry a full line of products for your home to make it easier to do your daily activities including a full line of bath equipment, walkers, rollators with seats, lift chairs, scooters, hospital beds, etc. You have the option to purchase or to rent if you only need the product on a short term basis. We offer free delivery and set up in your home. Please call us or stop by if you have any questions. We are one of the largest in the Pomona Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire. We service all of Southern Calif. including Orange County.

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