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Summer Sale (rental and purchase items)!

We are having a summer sale thru Labor Day. All rental equipment as well as equipment for purchase is on sale up to 30% off. This includes, full electric hospital beds, lightweight wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, lift chairs, rollators, walkers, knee scooters, electric scooters, powerchairs, patient lifters, ice therapy machines, bath equipment, and compression stockings. We also are including free delivery and set up to your home.

1. Promoting Comfort and Independence with Rental equipment:

One of the primary benefits of home medical equipment rentals is that they enable patients to receive care in a familiar and comforting environment-their own homes. By avoiding lentthy hospital stays or nursing home admissions, patients experience greater emotional well-being, reduced stress levels, and an enhanced sense of independence. This familiarity and comfort can accelerate recovery, improve mental health, and contribute to an overall better quality of life.

2. Facilitating Personalized Care:

Home medical equipment rentals allow patients to receive personalized care tailored to their specific needs. From mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches to home oxygen therapy devices, hospital beds, and specialized wound care equipment, the range of available options is vast These rentals provide patients with the flexibility to choose equipment that matches erheir unique requirements, ensuring optimal comfort, safety, cand functionality.

3. Enhanced Convenience and Accessibility:

Renting medical equipment for home use eliminates the need for frequent visits to healthcare facilities. Patients can conveniently access the equipment they need without the hassle of scheduling appointments, transportation, or long waiting times. This level of accessibility is particularly beneficial for individuals living in rural areas or those with limited mobility, making healthcare more accessible to a wider population.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Home medical equipment rentals present a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive medical devices outright. Many medical conditions require temporary or short-term use of specialized equipment, and purchasing these devices can often be financially burdensome. Renting allows patients to save on upfront costs, maintenance expenses and storage concerns, Insurance coverage or reimbursement plans may also partially or fully cover the rental expense, further reducing the financial strain on patients.

5. Regular Maintenance and Upgrades:

Home medical equipment rentals come with the added benefits of regular maintenance and servicing. Rental providers typically handle equipment maintenance, ensuring that devices are clean, functioning properly, and meeting quality standards. In addition, as technology advances and new models become available, patients can easily upgrade their rented equipment to benefit from the latest features, without incurring additional costs.

6. Flexibility and Trial Periods:

Renting medical equipment offers patients the flexibility to try out different devices before making a long-term commitment This feature is particularly valuable for individuals with changing needs or conditions, as they can experiment with different equipment options to find the best fit for their circumstances. Trial periods also allow patients to assess the compatibility and comfort of the equipment without the risk of being stuck with a device that does not meed their expectations.


The benefits of home medical equipment rentals are significant and far-reahcing. By promoting comfort, independence, and personalized care, these rentals empower patients to receive necessary treatments and therapies in the familiar environment of their homes. Furthermore, the convenience, cost-effectiveness, regular maintenance, and flexible options provided by rental services enhance accessibility and improve patient outcomes. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, home medical equipment rentals serve as a practical solution, ensuring that individuals can access the vital equipment they need while maintaining their quality of life.

Please call or visit us for any of your home medical healthcare questions or needs. We are celebrating our 75th year servicing the San Gabriel, Pomona Valley area as well as the Inland Empire and North Orange County. We have a full line of products in our store ready to pick up or be deliverd to your home. We have many models and styles to choose from including bath equipment, mobility equipment, and aids to daily living to greatly improve your day to day life. Please take advantage of our ongoing summer sale thru Labor Day.

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