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Mid-Summer Sale!

Sales: We have a full line of products on site in our showroom. We carry Lift chairs, Full electric hospital beds, wheelchairs including lightweight and transport, knee scooters, and electric scooters and powerchairs. We sell batteries for your scooter or powerchair and also carry ramps to help get in and out of your house and navigate porch steps. We also carry a full line of bathroom equipment as well as compression stockings. Everything is on sale from 15-25% off thru the end of summer.

Rentals: We carry a full line of rental equipment including Full electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, knee scooters, lift chairs, hoyer lifters, electric scooters and powerchairs. All rentals include free delivery and set up. Please call us at 909-623-4378 for more information or to place an order.

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