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End of Year Sale!

Please check out our many new and exciting products all on sale up to 25% off thru the end of 2022. We have a full line of bath equipment such as bath benches, transfer benches, commodes, shower chairs, and shampoo trays for washing someone's hair while in bed or a wheelchair. We have a full line of wheelchairs in different sizes and features, reclining wheelchairs, transport chairs, etc. We also carry knee scooters in standard and all terrain styles perfect for outdoor use and at the beach.

We have a full line of lift chair/recliners in many different fabrics, styles, features and colors. They are also available with heat and massage for extra comfort and relaxation. We have many different electric scooters available in 3 wheel and 4 wheel models. We have standard and heavy duty models available with higher weight limits and able to navigate smooth or rough terrain. We also carry ramps and batteries for your scooter or power chair. We have a full line of hospital beds with different features available. We have the full electric hospital bed with side rails and a memory foam mattress to reduce the likelihood of bedsores. You can also get accessories for the hospital bed such as overbed tables, trapeze bars, and app or flotation mattresses.

We also offer rentals of our medical equipment which includes free delivery and set up at low competitive rates.

Please call 909-623-4378 and talk to our friendly and helpful staff to get the best product or equipment for your home medical supply needs. We are one of the largest and best stocked medical supply companies in the southern calif. area for 75 years. Have a Happy New Year!

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