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End of Summer Sale!

We carry a full line of rollators/walkers from Nova and Drive. They include adjustable seats as well as arms, padded seats, carry bags, and come with large wheels for easy maneuvering in indoor as well as outdoor settings. We have many styles and models in stock and on display in our showroom. In addition we have a full line of bathroom equipment including bath benches, raised toilet seats, transfer benches, commodes, and bath bars.

We have a full line of equipment for rent as well as sale including full electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, knee scooters, lift chairs, electric scooters, powerchairs, hoyer lifters, etc. We carry most models in small adult, standard adult, and large adult sizes to accommodate and fit your needs. Most equipment comes with free delivery and set up to your home as well as instructions on how to use the equipment from our knowledgeable staff and delivery technicians.

We have discounted rates on all our rentals as well as sales of our durable medical equipment as well as our bathroom and mobility equipment and supplies thru the end of summer! We are one of the largest in the Southern California area and have been serving the community since 1948. We have a large, well trained staff that can answer any questions you may have about your medical supply or medical equipment needs. Please call or visit us and our showroom!

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